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Step up for others and walk for warmth this winter

There's still time to join the MWB Winter Walk Challenge and go the distance for those in need with Mission Without Borders across Eastern Europe. Register your walk today. Walk alone, or part as a team and raise funds supporting MWB's Winter Rescue Program helping feed and keep the vulnerable warm in the cold of winter.


This is no walk in the park...

2k a day doesn't sound like that big of a challenge now does it? That'll be 'a walk in the park', you may say. But walking 2k a day OUTSIDE everyday - no matter the weather - is what makes the winter walk a real challenge. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, and bone chilling temperatures - none can be an excuse not to walk outside. The challenge is designed to push you out of your comfort zone to experience what thousands in need across Eastern Europe contend with every day - living with little to no heat through the winter and wondering if there will be enough to eat every month. Join us as an individual, or form a team, and take on the Winter Walk Challenge this year. Walk 2k a day outside every day - no matter the weather - from January 15th through the 31st and make a difference in the lives of others half a world away. Our vision is to see lives transformed, across generations, with hope for the future. Join us and walk for warmth this winter.

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Transforming lives complementary image
Transforming lives complementary image

How it works

How It Works 0

1. Register

Sign up now and set up your fundraising goals.

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2. Raise

Share your fundraiser with others and raise support!

How It Works 2

3. Walk

Get out there and walk 2k a day OUTSIDE - whatever the weather- everyday of the challenge

Transforming lives complementary image
Transforming lives complementary image
Transforming lives complementary image

Providing Impact For Life

Winter is one of the toughest times of year for those struggling in poverty in Eastern Europe.

Many families live without access to running water or bathrooms in their modest homes, often struggling to heat more than one room at a time using simple wood and coal stoves.

Mission Without Borders' Operation Winter Rescue program is there to help families stay warm and fed in the cold of winter by providing firewood, warm bedding, and clothes in addition to monthly food and hygiene supplies. In more urban settings, our soup kitchens and mobile Street Mercy programs offer warm food, clothing, and blankets to individuals, mainly elderly, with limited resources to help themselves.

Help bring hope to families and individuals struggling with the effects of war and poverty by taking up the challenge and walk for warmth this winter with Mission Without Borders' Winter Walk Challenge.

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